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What materials for eyelash extensions we use?

All the materials used in our studio:

  • Have quality certificates

  • Are non-toxic and cruelty-free

Moreover, we are such geeks that we produce some things ourselves (when we can't find the ideal quality) - eyelashes, cleansing foams, some twezzers.

The most important item in our work is the eyelash extension glue.

We use glue from the European company “Lovely”. Our formulas have been fine-tuned and perfected over the last 8 years, bringing you the safest and strongest glues in the industry. Formaldehyde-Free for the safest products possible. It guarantees long wear and is non-allergenic.

We produce our own eyelashes in South Korea because we want to achieve the perfect curl, and this way, we can control the quality. For example, in other companies, the lashes might be too thin at the tips, leading to tangling and an untidy appearance. Lash House eyelash extensions are made of high-quality fiber, perfectly even and elastic. Eyelashes do not deform during extension and hold their shape well while worn. Our range includes L and M curls rare in the USA; eyelashes in dark chocolate color and lighter shades of brown.

The eyelash shampoo is produced using a gentle formula - it's important for us that the space between lashes is well cleaned while not causing irritation or burning. All foams are used in our salon before each touch-up and are also available for sale.

Furthermore, all technicians adhere to state regulations for hand processing and instrument sterilization before EACH client.

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