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Are eyelash extensions save?

The first thing the masters care about in our studio is the health of your natural eyelashes! Don't be surprised if the technician starts to dissuade you from choosing a 20D volume upon noticing that you have weak natural lashes.

In modeling (selecting the shape, curl, and length of artificial lashes), our masters also consider the quality of your natural lashes. Their density, length, direction of growth. In essence, they assess whether a natural lash can support an artificial one that is 14mm long. Will it break? Will it sag?

We are pros in adaptive lash extensions. This is a smart extension technique where the growth stage of the natural lash is analyzed. For instance, we skip the tiny vellus lash and let it grow until the next extension session. For a baby lash, we apply a shorter artificial lash. And for mature lashes, we apply the standard length. Now you understand why quality lash extensions can't just take 40 minutes?

I tell you, we are geeks =)

There can be harm to natural lashes if your technician creates stickies (does not carefully separate the lashes). It's dangerous if you go to a technician who only uses one tweezer! That's a sign of an unprofessional.

What's so bad about stickies? All natural lashes are in different growth stages and grow out relatively quickly. If you stick a baby lash and a mature lash that's ready to shed together, you'll see what happens in the illustration.


Our masters check each work for accidental stickies before letting the client go.

If you consider:

  • -the rules for selecting the appropriate length and weight for natural lashes,

  • -use adaptive extension techniques,

  • -avoid stickies,

  • -convey to clients that pulling out lashes is prohibited (as it directly harms the health of natural lashes),

then there is no harm to natural lashes from extensions. 

Plus, consider the fact that the life cycle of a lash is 90 days. This means the lash will completely renew in 3 months. 

Don't be afraid of getting lash extensions, be wary of unprofessionals. Eyelash extensions save!

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